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We have decades of experience caring for area families from all walks of life.  Generations of families come to us because they know we are leaders in our profession, dedicated to excellence in service, and serving with the highest level of integrity.  Our funeral home is one of the oldest businesses in Moses Lake, serving the entire Columbia Basin during one of life's most difficult times, since 1949.  Shown at the top of this page is our 1939 Henney Nu-3-Way Packard hearse still available for services upon special request.


Welcome to our funeral home website. As you peruse the various pages you will find they are packed with information about our services  our competitive pricing, merchandise, including; caskets, urns, outer containers, monument and markers, and so much more. Guarding Angels Cemetery, Moses Lake's new community cemetery located at 2595 Road L N.E. opened in September of 2009. A knowledge base answers questions about the many details and decisions faced. Obituaries, personalized guest books, and service details with maps and directions are available to family and friends all over the world. Other pages acquaint you with our staff and funeral home providing information we trust will assist you in choosing our firm as your funeral service provider.

When the death of a loved one occurs the reputation, character, care and compassion of the funeral home chosen should be un-questioned. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. We want and encourage families to seek guidance from those they trust--whether it be their pastor, priest, bishop, health care provider, neighbors or friends that have experienced first hand the genuine compassionate care provided through our funeral home and confirm the reputation we have within the community. There are no second chances to redo a poorly handled farewell by others that don’t have the years of experience and may have reputations, character and backgrounds that would prove to be disconcerting.  ***THE INTERNET IS A VERY POWERFUL TOOL TO USE FOR BACKGROUND CHECKS AND WE STRONGLY URGE FAMILIES TO USE IT TO FIND OUT ABOUT THE PASTS OF OTHER INDIVIDUALS PRACTICING IN THE AREA.

For generations Kayser’s Chapel & Crematory has served families of the entire Columbia Basin with unparalleled professionalism, dignity and compassion. Our reputation as one of the finest funeral service providers has been earned over the years one family at a time. We strive to provide a truly meaningful personalized tribute for each family whether it be a simple dignified cremation at our own on-site crematory, to the most elaborate “celebration of life” service. Our experience in helping families through one of life’s most difficult events is unmatched. We listen carefully as emotionally hurting families share very personal, special memories of loved ones, help guide them through the grieving process and assist in such a way so healing can begin.

The many details and decisions faced can be overwhelming. Families find comfort knowing we take care of virtually everything surrounding final arrangements. We complete and file all necessary documents and permits with the health department; notices and obituaries are written and submitted to newspapers; insurance companies are contacted and assistance completing claim forms provided; we specialize in veterans benefits and various government forms; we contact social security-submitting necessary documents; we arrange for officiants and music as requested; service details are coordinated with the cemetery and we are a liaison with Red Cross for members of our military. When transportation to or from a distant location is required, we handle all long distance arrangements; coordinate airline schedules; obtain all necessary permits and documents; and provide ground transportation to or from regional airports. We have the expertise to handle international consulate documents needed when shipping to or from foreign countries.

Our membership in various professional organizations, such as: WSFDA, WCCFA, NFDA and ICCFA prove invaluable as we assist with arrangements around the Pacific Northwest and across the country. Locally, our professional working relationship with hospitals, nursing homes, hospice, doctor’s offices, coroner’s office, health districts and law enforcement greatly enhance the quality of care we provide. Our rapport with the various civic and fraternal organizations and many area churches assure families that even the smallest of details are not overlooked.

We are very sensitive to each family’s financial situation. In these troubling economic times we have structured a variety of service options and packages at comparable or equal prices to other area service providers. Families do not have to consider going to lesser providers with inadequate or no facilities due to financial concerns. We invite you to compare our service packages and pricing by calling our office, or found on this website with others and believe you will find we are very competitive.

Value, however, is not based solely on price. As the area’s leading funeral service provider we are called on to assist families in all walks of life, religions and ethnic groups. Some families request services that are very basic and simple, while other families desire elaborate, detail intensive services requiring days of planning with extensive use of facilities and equipment. All families, however, want to be treated respectfully with the utmost of professionalism and compassion, appreciating the dignity represented by elegant facilities, well cared for grounds, and modern automotive equipment. We believe every family, regardless of how simple or elaborate the service provided or cost involved, deserve the best from us.

Thank you again for visiting this website. Please continue to explore the various pages filled with information designed to assist you and answer questions you may have.

Jerry and Ronda Kayser

Our Professional Team

Jerry and Ronda Kayser

Jerry and Ronda Kayser

Jerry and Ronda Kayser, owners of “Kayser’s Chapel and Crematory", have dedicated their lives providing “a ministry through service and compassion” to area families suffering the deeply emotional loss of a loved one. For decades they have served side by side helping countless families through one of the most trying, difficult events that can be experienced. In recent years work on developing a new community cemetery culminated in 2009 with the opening of "Guarding Angels Cemetery" located at 2595 Road L N.E. Generations of area families have come to expect the finest in professional service and elegant surroundings when Kayser’s are assisting with arrangements.

Both Jerry and Ronda represent several generations of their respective eastern Washington families. Grade school sweethearts while growing up in Palouse, where they graduated from high school, they then attended Northwest Nazarene University in Nampa, Idaho. While attending NNU Jerry began working as an apprentice at Alsip Funeral Chapel, one of Idaho‘s premier funeral homes. This internship became the foundation for his professional career. They married in 1975 and shortly after moved to California where Jerry attended San Francisco College of Mortuary Science. He completed his education at San Francisco State University while working at H. F. Suhr Company funeral home in the Mission District. Returning to the Northwest, the couple gained many years of valuable professional experience in funeral service before coming to Moses Lake in 1986 to purchase their own business.

In their downtime collecting, restoring and showing antique cars has been a passionate hobby. Two of their restored hearses have been shown extensively across the country winning just about every award possible. The antique vehicles, along with their large collection of vintage funeral home equipment and memorabilia--dating back to the Civil War--have been shared with the community on occasion during open house events. Area families have the opportunity to see and use their 1939 Henney Packard hearse (seen on the top of this webpage), as it is still available for services. Many other items are shared on The Kayser Collection webpage.

The couple have two grown children that are settled in their own careers. Both are products of the wonderful quality of life, superior education and extracurricular activities available in Moses Lake.

Their son, Ben, a 1997 graduate and stand out three sport athlete at Moses Lake High School was inducted into the school’s “Sports Hall of Fame” in 2008. He was the winning pitcher of the national championship game for the Columbia Basin Junior River Dogs baseball team that won the 1995 Sixteen Year Old Babe Ruth World Series in Jamestown, New York. He later earned a full ride baseball scholarship at Olivet Nazarene University in Bourbonnais, IL, helping lead the Tigers to a National Christian College Championship and in his senior year, their first trip in school history to the NAIA College World Series. He completed his MBA Degree through a ROTC scholarship at ONU and served in the U.S. Army until 2010. He is an Iraqi War Veteran, and was stationed at Fort Bragg, NC as an Airborne Ranger, Jumpmaster, Captain and Commanding Officer of the Rear Detachment of the 1-505 PIR, 3rd BCT. Recently he completed a second Master’s Degree in Theology and is currently a Major-Chaplain in the Air Force Reserves. His wife, Betts, is also a graduate of ONU where she earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing. She has worked as a neo-natal registered nurse and is a full time mom caring for the couple’s five daughters, Grace, Bella, Chloe, Anna and Ruthie and one son, Isaiah. Together they lead the Navigators Ministry at Fort Bragg.

Their daughter, Mindy, played sports as well while growing up, earning all-conference honors in volleyball and graduating as one of the “Top Ten” of her 2000 MLHS class. She attended NNU, graduating with honors in 2004 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing. She then worked as an emergency room RN at St. Luke’s Hospital in Boise, ID and at emergency rooms of two Kansas City, MO area hospitals. She resides in Portland, Oregon working as a PACU RN in the Legacy Health System. She returned to school to study Interior Decorating which is truly her passion, earning accolades for her talents in the Portland area. Not one to take it easy she is training and competing in regional and national fitness and body building competitions and modeling. Her two Italian Greyhounds, Camron, aka “Canrun” and Elsie, aka “Elsifer" have been the delights and comic reliefs of the Kayser family.

Camron Kayser

Camron Kayser

Our Sweet Little Camron
September 15, 2003 - January 16, 2017
I was smitten with this little Italian Greyhound thirteen years ago when she was introduced to us for the first time. Our daughter, Mindy brought her into the family when she was just three months old and she tore through our lives, our house, our backyard, but mostly our hearts, like a Class Five hurricane. I will NEVER forget seeing our sweet little Camron, aka "Canrun" jump to hyper speed right before our eyes, literally becoming a blur of motion and speed as she ripped a hole in the air currents leaving a scorched trail of grass in her wake. With the heart and stamina of a pint sized Secretariat our little Camron could sprint for hours--at full speed--chasing her beloved ball wearing out the best of human arms to throw it for her. She went to bed with her ball, she woke up with her ball and she spent most of the day if not chasing her ball, looking for her ball. I don't know how many balls she wore out over the years, but they would probably fill several five gallon buckets. For some reason, in later years this diminutive sight hound elevated her backyard attentions to new heights--airplanes!! Every single airplane, large or small, that invaded her sacred and protected airspace was given a boisterous and spirited chase until out of sight. Following each defensive stand she scampered back to the house with a renewed spring in her gait and tail ramrod tall, seemingly to proclaim her dominance over land and air. All was right with her world once again. She knew how to work a room too, and never met a stranger that she didn't want to lick their hand or drop her ball at their feet with that "come on, it's time to play" expression that melted anyone's heart. So many memories, so many fun times, so much love, so much joy--all packed into such a tiny little bundle of pure, unadulterated energy and speed. For me, this little girl was that once in a lifetime four legged family member that carved out a chunk of my heart and claimed it all to herself. Our family and our lives have been immensely enriched, unconditionally loved, given joy without measure and asked for nothing in return but a good back scratch and love by this sweet little doggie--oh, and a strong arm to throw her ball. Today, we had to say our final goodbye to her. Sobbing through a torrent of tears, my mind kept flooding with memories--really great memories--of Camron running, running, running, until she flopped down in the shade to drag her belly over the cool grass for a few minutes and with a big grin on her face, grab her ball again and drop it at our feet to start the chase all over. Goodbye sweet little Camron, your feet are swift and sure once more, your back no longer hurts, your heart is young and strong, you can hear the birds singing in the backyard and your eyes, like an Eagle's, can see forever. I will have a ball in my hand, arm cocked and ready, when you run to greet me at the end of the day on the other side. We have, and always will, love you ALL the world--Gramps and Nan

Lupe Saenz

Lupe Saenz, Cemetery Caretaker

Lupe Saenz has been the caretaker of Guarding Angels Cemetery since opening in the fall of 2009. His meticulous attention to detail keeps the grounds and surrounding area beautiful year round. Raised and educated in Moses Lake, his farming background and years of work experience have proved invaluable as Guarding Angels Cemetery has quickly gained the reputation as Moses Lake's new community cemetery. The many compliments we receive about the cemetery and it's appearance directly reflect Lupe's dedication to excellence.

Floyd  Wilks

Floyd Wilks, Staff Associate

Floyd Wilks, born in Spokane, Washington in 1951, educated and raised in the Spokane area, and graduating form Mead High School in 1969. He married Sharon Everts from Spokane Valley in 1971 and they have three grown daughters and one granddaughter. Floyd is an ordained Minister in the Church of the Nazarene since 1984. He has served as Youth Pastor in Spokane from 1973-1980, in Heppner, Oregon as senior pastor from 1980-1986 and the Moses Lake Church of the Nazarene since August 1986 to the current time. Floyd has served the Moses Lake community through the Moses Lake Police, Samaritan Hospital, and Columbia Basin Home Health and Hospice Chaplaincy. Floyd has been with Kayser’s Chapel of Memories since 1986.

Richard E Willis

Richard E Willis, Staff Associate

Richard was born and raised in Seattle. As a young man, he was involved in a variety of work situations, including architectural drafting and commercial fishing. He then became a military policeman, which led to an eleven year stint as an investigator. Somewhere in there, he found the time to get a degree in Business Administration from Brigham Young University. He opened an architectural business 28 years ago in Moses Lake and continues to operate that business. He has been a Bishop in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and a Bishops’ Counselor for several years.
Richard met his wife, Vivian, while he was in the military. She is from Decatur, IL and is the receptionist at the high school. (You will never meet a more pleasant lady, unless it is Ronda Kayser.) Richard and Vivian have been blessed with five daughters; Amy, Jaycie, Carey, Brittney, and Kammie, and one son, Brayden. Amy and Kammie are elementary school teachers; Brittney is a professional photographer and Carey is a real estate professional. Jaycie is studying to be a dental hygienist. Brayden is studying to be a medical doctor. The children are scattered around the west coast. All of the girls are married and have blessed the family with wonderful sons-in-law and with nine grandchildren. Brayden is too occupied with school to think about marriage.